2024 Head Oblivion 116

$519.00 $699.00
By Head
When you delve into the ever-present chaos that is a day on the ski hill, there are few more reliable allies to ride into that treacherous tilt than the Head Oblivion 116. A ski that defies all traditional levels of convention, the Oblivion 116 skis smaller than its hulkingly monstrous 116mm underfoot while still being ever so nimble, ideal for an all-mountain steed that attacks with a brutal declaration of power. The wood core (a deep-seated tradition in the annals of skiing) competes in aggregation with a nouvelle vague-like carbon sandwiching, this core is not only steeped in the tradition of all mountain skiing but defies all modern assemblages, allowing you to scream your declarations of individualism into the maw of conformity, just like the professional designers Sam Kuch and Cole Richardson.

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Twin Tip
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