New Store. Same Us.

About Us

As we have in the past, we provide the community access to affordable and high-quality gear at the best prices. In addition to our gear shop, we also have a ski repair and tune shop, two commercial sewing machines for gear repair, a refill station to help reduce single-use plastic, and an in-house coffee shop. We will be opening up our space to a variety of speakers and local organizations to host events. 

Meet The Founders

We started Lone Pine because we love the outdoors and the local outdoor community. After years of owning other consignment businesses, we were ready to create a one-stop-shop for our Wasatch community that followed the values we believe in deeply.

One Tree Planted


Small Act. Big Impact.

The outdoors is where we spend all of our free time. And like so many outdoor enthusiasts, we’ve been stressing out about climate change for a long time. At a certain point, when we were feeling particularly frustrated with the current state of affairs, we began to recognize that we were part of the problem. Caring about climate change wasn’t enough. Donating to organizations that fight climate change was important but still not enough. We needed to DO something, to act, as a company.

So, we started to research what a small start-up company like ours (which hadn’t even begun to operate yet) could do. Through our research, we learned that planting trees is a part of a climate change solution. Trees have tremendous environmental benefits beyond the fact that they remove CO2 from the environment and clean the air we breath. Planting trees supports biodiversity. Planting trees provides jobs. Planting trees provides integral food and resources to both humans and animals. We learned that climate change is a human rights issue. It’s a social justice issue. And so, we settled on committing to plant a tree for every order purchased from our company. Small Acts – Big Impact.

We have partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that plants trees where they are needed most. While they focus on global reforestation, they also give us the option to choose where we plant. For this upcoming month, we are choosing to assist in the recovery of the devastating forest fires in California, Oregon, and Washington.


Official title: Co -Founder and Director of Stoke at Lone Pine Gear Exchange

Professional Highlights: Co Founder of 2nd Tracks Sports 

Home Mountain: Snowbird

What does their best day on the mountain look like? Walk on Trams during a wind event at the bird! 

Random Fact About yourself: I founded Denali Mountain Morning Hostel in Denali Park Alaska and ran the traveler’s hostel for 7 years. I spent 16 years as a river guide in AK running remote rivers all over the state.


Official title: Co Founder, CEO 

Professional Highlights: Co founded and ran 2nd Tracks Sports for almost 10 years

Home Mountain: Snowbird

What does their best day on the mountain look like? Storm skiing off the Cirque at the bird with free refills all day OR taking my girls (4.5 and 1.5) out on our local magic carpet.

Random Fact About yourself: Recently moved to a home that I can drive to year round, with knob heat and running water! Ben and I spent the last 10 years living in a canyon that was snowmobile access


Official title: Shop Manager

Professional Highlights: Managed one of the most successful ski shops in the country - 2nd Tracks Sports for 6 years

Home Mountain: Boone Mountain

What does their best day on the mountain look like? A jack and coke and bottle of Dom Perignon afterwards with my best buds

Random Fact About yourself: I’ve spent more time time underwater than most people have on the toilet (on a submarine)


Official title: Head Bootfitter and Barista (AKA BROista)

Professional Highlights: Skiing the hypodermic needle, Y, and Y- Not Couloirs

Home Mountain: Alta

What does their best day on the mountain look like? Chest deep POW with ALL day refills

Random Fact About yourself: I’m part of one of Utah’s oldest traditional irish groups that is still together and playing! Red Branch


Position at Lone Pine: Ski Tech 

Professional Highlights: 32 years of tuning experience. 

Home Mountain: Yawgoo Valley 

Best day on the mountain look like: Clear sky and more dogs

Random Fact: I ride it like I stole it!