Boot Fitting

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At Lone Pine, we understand that happy feet means for a good day on the hill. We’re now offering custom boot fitting and custom footbeds for purchase! Custom footbeds are a game changer when it comes to control, comfort and performance when skiing.

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Ski Boot Recommendation Initial Evaluation 
Measure foot, recommend size, flex, or high or low volume fit

Specialty Boot Fitting Consultation
Personalized in depth analysis of foot, skier preferences, stance
Custom Sidas Footbed
Merino / Winter
Liner Bake *includes pads and toe caps
Shell Bake  
Shell Punch
$25 Each
Shell Grind 
$25 Each
Ankle Wrap
Heel Risers
Boot Heater Install
Boot Fitting Labor

We Are Proud to carry Sidas products in our shop.

We currently have Sidas heated ski socks, heated insoles and batteries so you can keep your feet warm and comfortable all winter long!