2023 Nitro Optisym

$359.96 $479.95
By Nitro

The Nitro Optisym is an asymmetrical twin board destined for endless park laps and urban missions. This friendly freestyle board features Powerwall, which provides increased strength and response on the heelside edge for a faster, more intuitive feel on your heelside. Cam-Out Camber places traditional camber between the contact points for unmatched pop and power, while slight rocker at the tip and tail eases turn initiation and forgiveness. A softer flex pattern locks onto rails and eases presses and butters, while Ureshred sidewalls and Railkiller edges beef up the durability so you’re never left without a board. If you’re looking for a teched-out freestyle board to progress your park skills, the Nitro Optisym is the board for you.