2023 22 Designs OutlawX Telemark Bindings

The OutlawX from 22 designs is the pinnacle of NTN downhill-oriented bindings. The Outlaw X features easy step-in and step-out build that is lightweight and as sturdy as they can come. It has an amazing flex profile that gives that classic tele turn every single time you go into a turn and get that knee nice and low. The underfoot spring plate keeps things nice and tight while in a turn while the front cage on the binding keeps your toe sucked into the front of the binding and the underfoot attachment is a quick and solid place to transfer energy from the foot to the ski. This binding comes with 2 climbing risers mounted on the heel plate to aid you in your backcountry ventures. The Outlaw has all the classic 75mm feel from the older 22 designs line and brings it into the age with NTN technology. The small OutlawX fits Scarpa and Crispi Boots up to a 26.0 size while fitting Scott and Garmont Boots up to 25.5. This is an NTN binding that is only compatible with NTN boots.