2023 22 Designs Lynx Binding

The 22 Designs Lynx binding is the modern pinnacle of backcountry telemark technology. The binding weighs in at an absurdly low 522 grams which is a weight that can compete with most of the lightweight stuff that your alpine skiing buddies are on. Don't worry though, the binding still provides excellent flex underfoot when dropping the knee which comes from the lightweight springs underfoot and composite flex plates, this build offers not only great flex and keeps weight low but it provides superb preload when heading down, something that is needed for the best turn on snow. The binding has a tech toe design, making you as quick as the spandex ski mo bros you’re passing on the skin track. The ability to transition is also a breeze now, with nothing but a ski pole you can go from tour mode to ski mode. If you are looking to enter the world of lightweight touring and keep the heel free there is nothing else out there like the Lynx. *note, see 22 designs website for sizing bindings*