We’re re-opening Friday, July 10th! Here’s what to expect:


Hi friends,

We miss you!! Our shop has been closed since mid-March and we delayed re-opening until we were confident that we could provide a safe and comfortable experience for both our guests and staff. We wanted to let you know what you can expect from us when you come by in the next few weeks:

Cliff note version:

  • Starting Friday July 10th, Lone Pine Gear Exchange will offer an outdoor shopping experience and consignment check in station.  Friday - Saturday - Sundays 9am - 2pm for the rest of the summer.
  • Our Coffee shop walk-up/drive thru window is serving coffee, specialty drinks, tea, breakfast burritos, and pastries daily 8am - 3pm
  • Bring your mask or buy one from us!

We are including details below. We can’t wait to see you again. We hope you are well and THANK YOU for supporting our little business. 

-  Katy and Ben 

Summer gear - Shop Outside!

Starting July 10th, we will be moving our summer gear outside to our downstairs patio area to give our guests a shopping experience that is spacious, safe, and healthy. We will be providing this outdoor shopping experience Friday thru Sunday from 9am - 2pm weekly for the rest of  the summer!


Bring us any summer or winter gear you rounded up during your quarantine cleaning and we will accept it outside, enter it into our system, and list what we can on online. Be on the lookout for our weekly consignment discounts and giveaways!

Winter gear still going strong
We will keep our retail space upstairs stocked with all of the winter gear we’ve got in-stock. While we know that, right now, you’re likely looking for summer specific gear, we’ll have great deals on gear for when the snow falls. We will be regulating how many shoppers can be inside at a time, and it’s important to note that our dressing rooms will be closed during this time.

Coffee Shop
You can expect your favorite bro-ista, Patrick, to serve up your drinks through our drive-thru/walk-up window daily. We have coffee and espresso  from Salt Lake Roasting Co., pastries from Lone Pine Bakery, and teas from Townshend Tea.

Gear Repair

Now is a great time to get your winter gear patched up or to fix that hole in your tent or sleeping bag. We are continuing our contact-free gear repair drop-off and pick-up. Check out our gear repair page on our website for all of the details.  

Zero-waste and plastic-free options
July is plastic free month! We still have a ton of zero waste options for items like shampoos, soaps, laundry detergent, dishwasher pods, and toothpaste. Some items will be available outside, but you can also purchase any of our plastic-free household goods online and then have it shipped come pick it up via drive-thru/walk-up window.

Health precautions

We are:

  • Hosting our outdoor shopping experience to allow for shoppers to be in fresh air and appropriately distanced.
  • Requiring that all staff and all customers are wearing a mask at all times while you’re onsite. We will have disposable masks available, but encourage you to bring your own or be prepared to purchase a reusable mask.
  • Disinfecting point of sale touch points after every transaction.
  • Disinfecting commonly touched surfaces every 2 hours and have 3 hand sanitizer stations throughout our shop.
  • Continuing to practice social distancing and keep each out healthy and safe.
July 01, 2020 — Abigail Railton

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