Tuning Services

Blew out an edge getting SENDY? Looking to mount your new ski set up? Don't worry — Our trained staff and state of the art Wintersteiger machines will get your skis and snowboard dialed and back on the slopes in no time.

Lone Pine Basic Tune
The Premium Shredy 
New Ski Prep
Wax Future
Wax and Sharpen
Base Repair
Binding Mount
Binding Adjustment
minimizing waste, and keeping things sustainable

state of the art Wintersteiger machines

Our Wintersteiger Wax Future Machine works to ensure minimal wax is wasted while still giving your bases the love and care they deserve. Our eco friendly wax is from @mountainflowecowax, which is made from 100% plants and 0% petroleum, so when spring hits and snow melts, no damage is done to the environment!