Happy Earth Day

Cheers to friends and community members who are trying to make a difference. Small Acts - Big Impact is one of our core values at Lone Pine. Here are a few ways we have committed our business to uphold our values.

    • We plant a tree for every order placed in our shop. We partnered up with One Tree Planted and in the 8 weeks we were open, we planted almost 1,000 trees! Check out this video: 
    • We have a refill station in our shop for household goods to help reduce consumption of single use plastic. Folks can refill containers with hand soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, from great brands like EO and Dr Bronner's. We also sell biodegradable laundry and dishwasher pods, shampoo bars, plastic free toothpaste tablets, and plastic free dental floss. Shop refill items here
    • All of our price tags are made from repurposed  cardboard that we cut out of boxes in the shop. We use jute, a biodegradable natural fiber, to affix all of our price tags onto our products instead of plastic. 
    • Our gear repair department helps folks reuse their gear. If a product is beyond repair, we repurpose it to make it into a new product rather than throw it away. 
    • We also believe in consignment - selling used gear is a great way to keep it in use. 
    • We remodeled our building and repurposed all of the trim wood that was torn down into our point of sales, counter tops, and display racks.  

Earth day reminds us of the commitment we made to identify behaviors we can change to protect the wild places we recreate in and love.

April 22, 2020 — Katy Jackson
Tags: Earth Day

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