Expanding Access to a Sport We Love!

Lone Pine Gear Exchange is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and diverse winter community. We believe every kid should know the joy of sliding on snow and are excited to help expand access to a sport we love. We chose to partner with Share Winter Foundation because of the connection of our efforts and getting kids on snow is so direct! We look forward to seeing a new generation of youth discover the winter mountain magic that drives us - their smiles and stoke are real!


In addition to fundraising capital for youth winter programs, maintaining access to quality and affordable gear is another way to create a more inclusive winter community – something that was at the core of what Ben and I did at 2nd Tracks and what we are doing at Lone Pine Gear Exchange. Whether a customer skis 3 or 30 days a season, Lone Pine is equally stoked for them and we want to support both of their efforts to get to the hill. We have created a consignment account for Share Winter that we, vendors, and our community can donate gear to. Sale proceeds from this consignment account will go directly towards funding grants to get kids out on snow. We are excited to contribute to Share Winter’s efforts!


Small Acts – Big Impact


February 04, 2021 — Katy Jackson

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