J Skis The Metal "Ridgeline" w/ 22 Designs Vice BIndings

By J Skis
Ever been on a pair of J Skis and while having a blast wondered to yourself if the ski could get even better if it s was stiffer? Look no further then The Metal from Jason and his crew! The ski has the same classic rocker/camber/rocker construction with a floaty and surfy feel while the sheet of titanal in the ski provides great stiffness for charging hard in chop or more adverse snow (perfect for dropping knee and blasting the tele turn). Paired up with all of that is the custom artwork from Adam Haynes makes this a ski that is going to turn some heads while you smear out your tele turn. From a first timer to a seasoned tele skier this set up is a blast *note, this ski has been mounted 3 times*