G3 Zed 12 w/o brakes

$500.00 $555.00
By G3
The G3 Zed is a true modern marvel of backcountry technology. The binding is based off of the G3 ion but has been machined down and evolved to be as light as possible while retaining peak functionality. The Zed packs the punch of a lightweight touring binding but keeps up the classic tried and true build of G3 bindings, if you want a binding that can get you miles out on the skin track efficiently and bash those big mountain lines while being trustworthy and durable the Zed is the binding for you. The heel can be pivoted either way to provide great rising ability and everything can be worked on and adjusted using a Pozi #3 making even your tool pack in the backcountry as light as possible. The Zed also features simple step in and a bumper to keep that boot where it needs to be. The Zed can do it all in a lightweight package.