G3 Findr w/ Dynafit Speed 10

By G3
Are you a fan of huge ski missions where every gram is counted and you count multiple peaks bagged in a day? Then the G3 Findr is the ski for you. The ski is wicked lightweight thanks to a 3D construction that provides strength at higher speeds. The lightweight nature lends itself to quick skinning and boot packing, thanks to G3's magnets in the skis, there is no reason to have brakes to keep them together on a bootpack, if you bag peaks and get more vert uphill then most skis get downhill in a day, this is the ski for you!

product specs

Width Dimensions (mm):

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Topsheet Condition:

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Base Condition:

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Ability Level:

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Rocker Type:

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Tail Type:

Flat Tail
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Sidewall Type:

Sandwich Construction
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Dynafit Speed 10

Binding Compatibility:

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Number Of Mounts: