2023 Arbor Satori System Camber

$457.65 $649.00
By Arbor
Destined for the deepest days imaginable, the Arbor Santori System Camber is ready for anything you throw at it on the finest of powder days, from dropping cliffs to laying out beautifully executed heelside turns and beyond. A medium flex offers a stable, responsive, yet surfy feel, while System Camber provides unmatched power for boosting off natural features and laying carves. Arbor’s FSC-Certified Double Barrel Core and Bamboo Powerply combine to give the Santori a springy and damp feel, and a sintered base ensures you haul ass out of the flats to make it back for round two. Used - Good Condition! Some small topsheet and/or base scratches, one good chunk out of the topsheet (see photos) but otherwise ready to roll!