2023 Arbor Relapse x Erik Leon Snowboard

$229.00 $449.00
By Arbor

Not only does the Arbor Relapse x Erik Leon snowboard dominate through the park and the streets, but it offers a great platform for a variety of ability levels for those looking to push their progression. Arbor’s System Camber places a parabolic camber section that pairs with the sidecut for an intuitive feel that adds tons of pop and power while 50-50 fenders reduce edge-catching for sliding on rails or learning to link your turns. A medium flex offers a playful feel that’s easy to press and manipulate yet is stiff enough to absorb bigger landings. To finish it off, Arbor left the board with a wood core and biax glassing to offer a predictable feel. For experienced riders dropping park edits or those looking to improve their skills, the Arbor Relapse x Erik Leon Snowboard checks all the boxes.