2021 Rossignol Experience 76 CI w/ Look Xpress 10 Demo Binding

**The ski sold may not necessarily be the product pictured, but will be in similar condition** Made for navigating groomers and progressing your skiing, the Rossignol Experience 76 is a great beginner to intermediate ski to get you going. A 76mm underfoot width and rocker/camber profile combine to offer an intuitive feel and ease turn initiation, while a short turning radius allows you to link your turns with ease. Finished off with a lightweight wood core, the Rossignol Experience 76 will help you hone your skills and have a good time. The Xpress 10 demo binding provides a reliable release and is sure to fit any size boot.

product specs

Width Dimensions (mm):

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Topsheet Condition:

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Base Condition:

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Ability Level:

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Rocker Type:

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Sidewall Type:

Half Cap Construction
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look xpress 10 gw demo

Binding Compatibility:

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Binding DIN Range:

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Binding Boot Sole Length Range:

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Number Of Mounts: