2021 DPS Wailer A110 C2 Alchemist

€802,95 €1.531,95

The DPS Wailer A110 C2 is equipped with a big mountain personality for those looking to to ski hard and fast from steep slopes to powder fields. Compared to the cousin Wailer A112 ski, these offer a 13% more edge contact and a longer turn radius to feel more stable while laying down arcing turns at mach speeds. DPS' C2 Chassis puts strategically-placed radii along the ski to allow arcing turns on groomers and quick bursts through powdery trees. Alchemist construction in the core utilizes a combination of Aspen wood and carbon to stiffen the ski and reduce chatter through crud or at high speeds for those big mountain lines! Tyrolia Attack 13 Demo bindings come pre-installed ready to accept any Alpine boot size. Used - Great Condition! Dimensions: (136/110/120) Turning Radius: 22m

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