2021 DPS Cassiar A94 Alchemist w/ Tyrolia Attack 13 Demo Bindings

€585,95 €1.538,95
DPS Cassiar A94 Alchemist The DPS Cassiar F94 is an easy choice for nearly any day skiing at the resort. A modest 94mm waist width keeps things lively and fun for ripping groomers while still offering enough surface area to float in those shallower storms. DPS' C2 Chassis blends strategically-placed radii to allow you to lay arcing turns on groomers and quick turns through powdery trees alike. DPS' Alchemist construction, which utilizes a combination of Aspen wood and carbon to stiffen the ski and reduce chatter through crud or at high speeds. Tyrolia's Attack 13 Demo bindings come pre-installed ready to accept any Alpine boot size. Used - Great Condition! Dimensions: (131/94/110) Turning Radius: 19m

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